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Anjali School of Adult Education

    Anjali Social Welfare Research Foundation is a national non-governmental organization, registered in West Bengal. It is founded in 2006 and includes professionals engaged or interested in adult education. Anjali Social Welfare Research Foundation is implementing organizations for different projects – alone or numerous partners (peoples’ and workers’ universities, adult schools, cultural centers, NGOs, training departments in companies etc.). It plays a role of different kinds of adult education  and lifelong learning. It is also one of the most relevant partners for many international organizations, programs and projects in the field of adult education.
Adult Education  covers many fields of adult education and lifelong learning: basic education for adults, professional-vocational education, training and retraining, education for democratic citizenship, education of elderly people, modern methods and didactic of adult teaching and others. The present situation of the country imposes four priorities: a) to develop strategy and legislation of adult education and standards in adult education, b) to strenghten international and regional cooperation, c) to (re)establish and enrich the system of institutions and providers, d) to continue the professionalizationof the field.